Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little By Little

During spring break I flew to Arizona. Luckily the Gods were in my favor that weekend because the weather was actually bearable and also there was some sort of art convention in town, meaning lots of potential photographic candidates. On the second day of my trip, I had gone out looking for people to take portraits of, and I felt as though I had come up short. Usually I spot people that I think have an interesting face or story. I approach them, asking if they would let me photograph them. Most people say no, but sometimes I get lucky. So, you could see how sometimes I come out empty handed. Well, on this particular day, I felt as though everything was working against me. The lighting, the people, the setting, everything seemed to be going wrong. So, I decided to walk back to the apartment I was staying at. On the way back, I saw two boys walking toward me. I had seen them earlier in the day, but they were too far out of reach, and I felt as though I missed out on them. So, when I saw them again, I knew that this was my chance.

I pulled them aside, asking if I could photograph each of them. They both reluctantly said yes, like most people do. I began asking them questions, trying to make them feel more comfortable. The picture above is a picture of one of the boys. He was the one I mostly wanted to photograph, probably because there was this look in his eyes, the same look that resonate in my mind, a sort of hopefulness.

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Kate said...

Such a beautiful photo, I know what you mean about his eyes, they're enchanting!