Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All I Can

The first thing people usually ask me, when I show them my portraits, is why I make the work that I do. This has always been a very hard thing for me to explain to someone. I think that it is because I'm not good at writing or formulating sentences that I try to express myself through art. Growing up, I had never been a very sentimental person, but looking back on myself as a child I see how impacted I was by simple sensorial feelings. I remember when I was eight, I was at a sleepover, and while all the other girls were planning the next house to toilet paper, I snuck outside by myself so that I could lay beneath the stars. I remember that there were so many of them; each so beautiful and bright. Despite how many there were in the sky, I couldn't help but think how lonely each one looked. In that moment, I remember feeling something. It's a hard feeling to explain, but it felt like the world's sadness suddenly fell into my hands. I could feel each star struggle for what felt like it's last flicker. At eight, I ingested a pain I couldn't understand. Even now I can't quite put it into words. I know it sounds sort of depressing and probably really dramatic, but maybe it's not. Maybe it's just the opposite. I often get the same feeling now. Of course it makes me sad, but it is because of these sensorial feelings that I can still appreciate each lonely star in the sky.


ahmed samer said...

I like your photos alot i am not ahappy person but you have avery wonderful heart and can feel in other's hearts.

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