Friday, January 6, 2012

Unfamiliar places

Recently I have been photographing a lot of five years olds*, and while I love five years olds they are a little trickier to work with. So when I got the opportunity to photograph Edwin, a nine year old, I was elated. He was so poised and had such a natural openness to the camera. There's something so amazing about photographing children. I think it's their imagination and lack of pessimism. Every time I photograph a new child it's a new and unique experience, I suppose it's that way with adults as well, but for some reason children just seem so different. It's such a delight. They pull me into their worlds, a world that I vaguely remember. But maybe, it's where our two worlds meet that make these experiences so interesting.

*Despite my lack of posting, I actually have been photographing somewhat regularly. I didn't want to post images that I intend on putting on my new website (which still isn't ready. No surprise there.) As a result I decided not to post any images here on my blog. Since then I have been narrowing down the images that should and should not be on my website. Now that I have that somewhat sorted, I can begin posting the images that will not be posted on my website.


kiko said...

well said. love the

Shoko said...

Love this, Carly! You're such a talent!