Sunday, January 8, 2012

who put rocks in my bed?

It's funny how I equate desolation with tranquility. I know it sounds funny that I begin this post with those words, but I find they pertain to these images. While I was photographing Edwin and Maddie in their backyard, that's sort of how I was feeling. It was nice to have a big empty space to photograph these wonderful kids, and it somehow felt so calming. I think I also feel small when I'm with children, like we're all sort of the same age, in some strange way. So it's just us kids in this big backyard. I kind of felt like Max in Where the Wild Things Are. I guess it's also funny, because when most people think of kids, I don't think they normally think of tranquility. I think most people equate children with chaos, but maybe that's only if the kids are their own. It's just nice to have that feeling again. It's so nice to be a child again.

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HeyDahye said...

Wow, his eyes are piercing