Monday, July 11, 2011


I just spent much too long editing this picture of Jeff. But I suppose when you love a picture, you'll do that. I really wanted to put this image together with an image of me- sort of as a diptych, and I tried to edit them the exact same way, but I really just liked this picture edited this way much more. The color sort of drowns you in the grief, if you know what I mean. I also am very fond of his expression. He looks so strong and vulnerable all at the same time. Hopefully you get the same feeling that I get.
Despite how Jeff is looking in this image, we're actually having a very fun time here in Oregon.

Today I took a cold shower- not by choice. I have never showered so fast in my life. I was in and out of there faster than (think of something clever here and pretend like i came up with it). I don't know why they don't have hot water here. even warm water. I'll even settle for luke warm water! I feel like a boy scout, only I'm better dressed- hopefully anyway.

The food today was just as good as yesterdays. For breakfast I had the most amazing bagel, it was a jalepeno or some kind of peppered bagel. It was spicy and good. I also had two cookies and one rice krispy treat, all vegan. I also had an individual pizza (you know like the small ones?) and it had pepperoni and pineapple. I never appreciated pineapple on pizza until today. It's really wonderful.

While Jeff was in his workshop, I walked/photographed around the school's neighborhood. I was amazed to see a couple really peculiar plants. One plant looked like a fort. it was really cool and strange. Also, the ants here are HUGE! who gave them steroids? don't they know that it can severely disintegrate their package?

Jeff and I went to several lectures today. The first was the editor of Tin House and the Novel editor speaking about how to get published. The second lecture was three agents explaining how to get an agent. The third was a man who used to work for Soft Skull press but now he work for Red Lemonade press, and he spoke about the future of publishing. So they all were very informative and interesting.

It was a nice day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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the southern hostess said...

Such a great photo! Sounds like you're having a great time.