Sunday, July 3, 2011

Price of Temptation

This is a panoramic image of Jeff at a tunnel in Carlsbad. I really loved this tunnel and I think this panoramic image is sort of interesting, what with him matching the sky and all (you can click on the image to see it bigger). I hand made it in photoshop, that is to say photoshop didn't do it for me, which is probably why it isn't very good.

I'm posting this image because I have some new news. (isn't it funny how I could use "new" twice in a sentence and it can mean two separate things! but I guess news is new, they don't call it olds, do they? So it probably isn't necessary for me to say "new" twice, it's like saying a woman policeman. Women can be police, so why don't you just say police woman? sorry for my tangent.) The great news is that I got a new lap top. I bought the 13" mac book pro with 500gb. The reason I am talking about this, as well as how it is relevant to the image I posted is because making a simple image like this is something I wasn't really able to do without trouble on my old laptop. I was working off my old mac book and it only had 2 gb free of space (2!). i kept deleting stuff, and I just couldn't get more space free. The funny part is that I have four 1 tb external hard drives that I use. I back up images so they have mirrored copies on two hard drives, so i'm sure you're wondering why I have that much stuff on my desktop, and I can't really tell you because I don't know why. Sorry if that's too much shop talk. I had been working with the laptop like this for so many months. it really was making me crazy. But now, even with downloading everything from my old computer, I still have 355 gb available. This is so exciting for me. I'm trying to ignore the amount of money I just spent though. I can have more than two programs open at one time now! I don't have to worry about being mid way on editting an image and it shutting down on me! it's faster. it's prettier. and I'm just happy. This feels like a new year!

I don't want to overload you with news (see how this time i only used "news" once? I know, I'm really shaking it up), but I also bought a new iphone. I know! I know! I'm turning into a business woman of sorts. I'm a terrible person. but I thought you should know, since you and I are friends.


Butterfly Landing said...

Happy for you on both upgrades! I so want to get back to's still the better product.

Bruce Barone said...

Being happy is a good thing. YAY!

Jimena Gamio said...

Showing off, eh? just kidding! CONGRATULATIONS ON BOTH OF YOUR NEW BABIES!

Luis Munoz-Najar said...

so happy for ya!!!!