Sunday, July 10, 2011

Portrait of Madison

This is a Portrait of Madison. Our moms have been really good friends since high school. Madison was actually named after me. You probably didn't know it, but my middle name is Maddison (with two d's- funny story is that a couple years ago I went to get a library card and I had filled out the paper with all my information on it, and the librarian told me I had spelled my name wrong. Of the 19 years I had been alive I had never known that on my birth certificate it had been spelled with two d's. She must have thought I was such an idiot.) So, I am Carly Maddison Cram. Very cutsie, isn't it? Anyway, Madison and I are several years apart and we just recently saw each other for the first time in quite a long time. I was so surprised to find out that we had similar taste in music. But it made me realize how strange it is that people take different paths and come to a similar landmark (that was the best metaphor I could come up with). If you know what i mean.

If any of you are interested in an update of our trip to Oregon here it is:

We arrived in Portland today. I have to say that Portland is a beautiful place, but gee whiz it is confusing to get around. The GPS would say turn right on webbly (i made that name up) and then McCannon would come up and that was the street we were supposed to turn on. Well, I suppose i shouldn't blame it on Portland, maybe it's the GPS's fault. All I know is it was confusing. But we finally arrived at Reed College, where the Tin House Workshop is held.

The College is beautiful and it's surrounded by lots of trees and unicorns. The culture shock is making it hard to believe that this is a real place. So we looked around, and I took pictures. Then we did boring stuff like check in and go to our dormitory room.

I am very happy to say that the food at the cafeteria is actually very good and healthy. Today I had a vegan oatmeal rasin cookie. It was very good. I'm not saying that a vegan oatmeal cookie is good for you, I'm just telling you that I ate it. I also had a really good salad, with corn. I love putting corn on salad. This, unlike the cookie, was a healthy choice. Not the corn specifically, I meant the salad.

During cocktail hour, Jeff and I both got a whiskey on the rocks, which made it easier for us to socialize. We met two really cool girls from Australia. They were both so interesting and after we all had talked for quite some time, they let me take a portrait of each of them. I fear the lighting may not have been the best, but I'm hoping it will be fine (cross your fingers). But they were just so nice and interesting. I love meeting people like them.

I love people. Some times anyway. I love you. Who ever you are. Goodnight.

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very nice shot, of a beautiful lady, like the dark background, makes the lady stand out,


Lara said...

Love you. Keep the OR updates coming!