Thursday, July 7, 2011

Portlandia Journey (day one)

Here's a picture that I took of Jeff. I find it appropriate for what we're doing today, which is driving to Portland, and when I think of Portland I imagine it looks like the background of this picture: really mystical and dreamy. So I decided to post it, and share it with you good folk.
We arrived several hours ago at our halfway point, here in Redding, Ca. We had been driving for about 7 hours when the GPS said we had 46 more miles to go. We were so excited until we saw a sign that said "prepare to stop- accident ahead." They were not kidding. we could have walked that mile back and forth twelve times faster than we made it through that traffic (and I'm out of shape, too!) So anyway, the last part was kind of a bore, but Jeff and I just listening to music and enjoyed each others company.

We checked into our hotel, which is actually very nice. The first thing I did when we got to our room was start taking pictures. what a photo junkie I am! but in my defense, there was some really nice lighting outside, and also I was feeling inspired from our drive (it's hard when you're trapped in a car for so many hours and all you wan to do is stop and photograph everything!).

We had dinner at this Mexican restaurant right next door. The chips and salsa were some of the best I've ever had (the chips certainly were at least). Jeff and I shared "the hugest burrito around" (according to their menu) and ceviche. Jeff liked the Ceviche, but I thought it was too limey. The burrito was really bland. and now we're both too full. bad idea.

anyway, I know you were all really dying to know how my day went, so there you go.

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