Saturday, July 9, 2011

Packed Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box (or rather Tin House)

Today, the image I'm posting has little to no relevance to what I'm talking about. But for all you know this image could have been taken here on our trip. And supposing I had that fast of a turn around, that I could download them, import them to lightroom, export them to my desktop, import to photoshop, and then download to blogger, that would be pretty good of me ( but it really is too much work!). So, instead I put this image up, which is a picture of Jeff, that looks somewhat like many of the pictures I took of Jeff today.
Jeff and I are 15 minutes outside of Portland now. Today we drove for 5-6 hours. On our way here we saw a sign that read "antiques" and me being the person that I am, I looked at jeff with that "can we? can we please?" look. Luckily Jeff is just amazing and of course said yes. So we pulled off the freeway. But while we were trying to find the antique stores Jeff mentioned that it felt a lot like the beginning of a horror film, which I agreed. It was something like a ghost town, which was also kind of a cool thing (picture wise), but I am surprised that we made it out alive. There was a funny point where we wandered off the road to the train track, but as soon as we got near the train we heard a very strange high pitched buzzing noise and we both stopped and looked at each other worriedly. we both thought it was a rattle snake. Neither of us know if there are snakes in Oregon, and we definitely don't know if there are rattlers. We later realized that there was a broken electricity pole and it had been right above where we were standing. It looked really strange and scary. So, in a way if it had fallen and killed us, it would have been like a scary horror movie. Or rather a documentary about a cute couple (too presumptuous?) who died in a freak accident. Or it could be like a part in the new Final Destination 4 movie. Are they on number 4?

Anyway, while at the antique stores Jeff bought me three new tintypes. When I get home i'll scan them in so you can see them, they are so beautiful. He also bought me a new pair of earrings (they look like playing cards- very alice in wonderlandy). I saw this 1860's photo album a lot like one that I found in a trash when I was eight (yes, I was a dumpster diver at eight years old) and I really probably should have bought it, but it was $65 and while that's not bad since it was filled with old tin types, it's also more than I'd really like to spend.

Well, now we're here outside of portland. We had dinner and now we are very tired. Last night we got 9 hours of sleep. tonight I hope we get 10, is that asking too much?

I'm sorry you wasted your time reading this.


Anthony Castro said...

I love that your blog is conversational; a lot of feedback that I get is that I don’t write enough on mine. Keep it Up.

Carly Cram said...

Thank you, Anthony.