Monday, July 4, 2011

Drag Queen going away party

So, I apologize if this is much too long of a post, but a couple weeks back I went to a going away party for a friend at school. The party's theme was Drag Queens.

Tim was the prom queenJasmin was a pimp
Kyle was an 80's mother
sundeep was a bohemian beauty

adam was a grandma

this is me as Charlie Chaplin?
Brian as a sexy lady

this is the photobooth area.
some nice patriotic streamers.

here's some props for the photobooth

everyone getting ready to surprise Nadia.after we surprised her she seemed very confused. she ask us, "why are you guys dressed so funny?" and we told her it was a "drag queen going away party" and she said "you guys just look really weird." it was funny.

Coco and Kyle's couple portrait.
Brian seducing us with his cupcake.
Coco modeling for me.
here's a panorama of the group hanging out.
Jasmin was just such a good looking boy!
Jasmin was dancing with Kyle.

me with Bieber's hair.

pin the tail on the kitty (Nadia's kitty to be exact.)
Kyle wasn't comfortable in his dress, so he ripped the sleeves like he was the hulk.

Margret was a handsome chip and dales dancer

we will miss you Nadia.


Jimena Gamio said...

BAHAHAHAAHAHA! these are great!

Luis Munoz-Najar said...

It looks like so much fun! Nadia will be missed in Cali!