Saturday, June 4, 2011

Room 327

Well, today is our last day here in Carlsbad at the Seapoint Resort, tomorrow we are shooting off to Lauren's Bridal Shower. When we arrived here in Carlsbad my dad looked at the weeks schedule for the hotel and instantly he said ,"Carly they have a photo contest!" and I laughed because he's so adorable to look for stuff like that for me. Anyway, all week I had been taking pictures around the hotel, trying to get something I knew the people judging it would like. I mean, If I turned in what I thought was good, there'd be no way they would choose it. because why would anyone want a sad picture of a child to win over a happy picture of a child. Nevertheless, I gave them what I knew they wanted.

here are a couple of the ones I was choosing from. now mind you, it doesn't mean I'm glowing with pride over them, they are a little bit on the soft side, for me anyway.

This is Cole, my cousin Krista's child. He is so cute. I love this picture. it's kind quirky. isn't it?
this is my oldest sister, Holly (Age 28) on the motor bike with my Uncle John (age 59ish). He took her for a ride along the coast. 35.289% of me wanted to take a ride also, but the other part couldn't be bothered.
this is down the hallway to our hotel room. It has a nice perspective and appeal to it, I suppose.
These chairs have a funny feeling, very alone but all together, I like that. They are post-apocalyptic chairs or something. The only chairs that made it through the nuclear war.

this is the adult pool.
when we arrived the person checking us in looked at my sister (age 28) and I (age 22) and said "I'm sorry but you have to be at least 18 to go to the adult pool." and I said "I've been 18 for four years. and she's been 18 for 10 years, so I think we'll be alright" maybe that was rude, but she just seemed so condescending! And I know it's a complement that when I am 60 I'll look 47 and 3/4 but still!

this is the champagne that they gave us the first days we checked in, which made unpacking a lot smoother. although, it was so sugary it was kid of hard to drink. It's funny how we don't look old enough to go to the adult pool, but they never questioned us about our age when they gave us champagne, margaritas and wine.

I threw a formal family meeting and I presented the images to them. They all agreed on this image. So that's the one I turned in. Yes I did win the photo contest but I was the only one who turned anything in, also. which I sort of had a feeling would happen. but I won a month's stay at this hotel. no that's a lie. They gave me a cup filled with candy though.

I hope you enjoyed them!

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Lisa B said...

I absolutely love those post-apocalyptic chairs and the hallway shot before.