Thursday, June 30, 2011

Roger's Garden part 2

I'm sure that you've noticed that my style is kind of dark and sad. I think most photographers prefer a white background on their blogs, and they mostly edit their pictures sort of over exposed to give everything a nice glow. But i prefer a Black background on my blog, and I think I do because most of my images are edited very dark. It's funny too because I start off with a picture of a flower, and the exposure is perfect and it looks really pretty, but I guess I just want something more from it. I guess it's not so much about showing people these beautiful pictures of flowers, maybe it's more about personifying them as lonely flowers. I guess in a sense you can even look at it as cohesive with my children's photography; the innocent being encompassed in darkness. Or maybe I'm just being too analytical and none of this represents anything at all.

This one isn't really a flower, I'll admit that. I really like this plant though, it looks sort of like something you'd find growing on the titanic in the bottom of the sea. I love the chaos of all the branches it's almost like they're reaching out for us.

I feel like this flower is unlike the rest. It looks sort of beautiful in a very unusual way. The petals make up a ball of flames. I don't know, I just think it's beautiful. I guess that's why I'm not a writer, I can't put my feelings down in words, but hopefully you can feel what I'm trying to say with my pictures.

I was going to post all these pictures together, but as I began creating this post it kind of took on form without my giving it any. So, now the pictures below don't seem cohesive with the rest. They look exactly like the images I spoke of before, brightly lit and beautiful. I suppose this is the yin's yang. couldn't it be?

well, I think that they are really pretty. I wish I could walk through a field with just these flowers.

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Butterfly Landing said...

The last two flower photos are like a field of all the brightly lit people enjoying the singularities. And your singular view is where the genius lies. You are right, photographers/artists do not need to explain their art...and a well-placed word can launch art. The reverse is true, as well. I was curious to see Roger's Garden through your eyes, as it was one of my favorite places to window shop.