Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Roger's Garden part 1

So, Here's a couple of picture from Roger's Garden. I usually like to split up pictures from one event into separate posts because they don't always go together. So, this post will be about orbs.

When we arrived, I walked through the shop area and I instantly noticed these glass (i don't know what they are, or what to call them, sorry) jars and they had glass ball stoppers. They looked so interesting, I couldn't pass up photographing them. In fact, I came back 3 different times and photographed them (kind of neurotic, isn't it?)
They also had these glass perfume bottles. I just love the many highlights the glass gives off because of the way they are cut.
I'm not sure what these are, probably paper weights or something. The lighting was hitting them just perfect. To me it looks like what you would find if you opened a treasure chest. do you know what I mean? Anyway, I thought they were rather interesting.
here's another variation.
now for the more organic orbs. Obviously since it's a garden, they often water all the plants to keep them fat and healthy. So, I noticed all the plants had the little balls of water on them. After photographing 6 different plants because of this, I think I got bored of it, and stopped doing so.
but I really liked this fallen rose petal. It's a little strange to me that it was on the floor, away from everything else with all these water drops still perfectly placed. it was almost as if someone had carefully placed it there for me, or does that sound self centered?
I like this one too. probably because I'm obsessed with the rising sun design, and this sort of resembles it.

anyway, that's if for the orb post. I hope it was thematically cohesive enough.

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kiko said...

Love your eyes! Can't wait to see more from our garden day.