Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lauren's Bridal Shower

So, last weekend we celebrated Lauren's Bridal Shower. That's Lauren in the picture above. She's making a silly face. I've never been to an actual bridal shower, at least I don't think I have. although, I did go to an informal one once, you can find images here from it. but then again now that I think of it, that was a baby shower. So, I guess they are different. Obviously, I'm not very up to date on showering. I prefer baths.
The morning started off with beautiful refreshments. They had lemonade, margaritas (on the rocks) and iced tea. They even had hydrangeas set up on each table, which just so happens to be my favorite flower. look at how beautiful they are. Oh, I just love them so much.
they had lemons for the refreshments, sugar for the iced tea, spoons for mixing and glasses (obviously for the drinking).
This is pauline. She held the Bridal Shower at her house.
I love this wind chime. isn't it fantastic? i had just a week or so previous told Jeff how I wanted to make something like this. Then to my surprise Pauline had one! It's like i always say, great minds think like me. No, I only jest.
Isn't this dinnerware incredibly beautiful. I considered stealing them. but alas, I didn't. but now I wish I had.
This was the food selection. My mom made the fruit salad. It had just about every fruit you could think of in it. My Aunt marylyn made a Chicken Caesar Salad. There was also a pasta salad with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, feta and olives. My Aunt Pauline made a rice salad (I can't be sure what the name really is, sorry) it is made with brown rice, barley, onions (several types I think), bell peppers and other stuff too, I'm sure. Anyway, it was a very healthy and delicious lunch. This was a feast! I couldn't have been happier with the selection.

Lauren opened ALL of her presents. and there were a lot. She got a lot of great things for her house. here's just a couple things.
I think towards the end of the presents they thought we were getting kind of restless, so they told us we could help ourselves to the desserts. above are the lemon cupcakes. yummy. Olivia made the whole dessert bar. You can contact her here if you want her to make you delicious things. I always want her to make me delicious things. yummy.
she made these chocolate covered strawberries.
and she made the tastiest cake. it was simple and elegant.

the grid of this series of pictures looks a little silly, I'll admit, I apologize for that. I know i could go back and fix it, but to be honest, I'm much to lazy. This was pictures of the dessert bar. in the top left corner we have sour patch watermelons, hershey kisses, Lauren and Tyler pops, skittles, M&Ms, and I don't really know the name of the candy in the left bottom corner. sorry. I should. I don't know why I don't. Olivia put all this together as well.
So each person got to grab a baggy and make a good bag to take home of all the candy and desserts. Everyone was really excited about that. The best part of it was I got to take all the left overs home.

So anyway, that was it. Hopefully Lauren and Tyler can move into their new home soon and enjoy all their new things.

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