Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I apologize to anyone who checked my blog this last week. I've been really busy, and also to be honest, i've been kind of lazy. I've been going a lot of places and when I get home all Iwant to do is rest, which is a very poor excuse, I agree! Anyway, Jeff and I have been going on some fun dates as of late (see what I did there?). Jeff and I went to Intelligentsia the other day. If your life goal is to be cool, all you have to do is go there. Every single person there looks like they own a fixed gear bike and a pair of Tom's shoes*, if you know what i mean. So, Jeff and I went, and it was great!
this is what the floor looks like. I think it's pretty special.
we ordered this apple danish, and it's one of the most fantastic things I've ever eaten.
poor Jeff hardly got any of it. I ate it like a squirrel in the corner hiding it's nuts from other animals.
Jeff ordered this beautiful cappuccino.

and I ordered this espresso, which I'll tell you is always a bad idea. have you seen me on coffee? people at school buy me coffees just to watch how i act on it. My body thinks it's cocaine.

so anyway, that's it!

here are some future posts you can look forward to:

my visit to Roger's Garden
my very first trip to Las Vegas
Jeff's and my trip to Los Angeles' walls
a drag queen party I attended.

*if you own both of those, I apologize for my snide comment**.
**i'm crossing my fingers

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Nick Hester said...

It's a good thing you didn't put another single asterisk at the end of that last one, or else I would have been there all day!