Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tip Toland

In my last post I talked about driving up to Davis, California for a Ceramics Conference. I mentioned how I had such a great time, and partially it was because of Tip Toland. I think it's really something when you really look up to someone, someone who in your mind is famous, and then you get to meet them and they are everything you imagined and even more. Tip Toland was like this. It was so amazing to hear her lecture about her work. and then to see her demonstration. The best part was getting to hang out with her at the party. I mean, seriously if i met her and I didn't know she was Tip Toland, I would want to be her best friend. She is so much fun and she has the best personality! Anyway, I imagine I sound sort of like a stalker.

first off, this is an image I took of a slide she showed in her lecture. this is an example of her work. I bet you thought that was an olden sleeping, didn't you? well, don't feel bad, that's just how amazing her work is. look at the stomach. I mean, that is incredible!

So here are the pictures from the demonstration.

this is a picture of her tools, with her in the background.

this is her working on it in the beginning.
that's luis' hand holding the microphone.

Here's sort of the final outcome. she did all of that within 2 hours. would you believe that?! Oh and that's amy duran on the left. she's pretty wonderful too.
the picture directly above and below were taken at the party we were at.
I love her.

anyway, I hope you're in love with her now too because I think everyone else is. you might as well join in!


kiko said...

Not just about her work, she has beautifully aged face and THAT smile!
Thanks for sharing.

Lara said...

That's insane! I seriously couldn't believe when I first read that that picture was of a sculpture. Crazy.