Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pom Pom at Home

Some time back I got a job shooting for a company called Pom Pom at home. They are such a nice family with such unique and fashionable products. I am always very happy to get any job that comes my way, but it's even more incredible for me when you love what I'm photographing. Everything they have is so beautifully made. I couldn't post all of the pictures because I took way too many, but here's a taste.

this pillow is so beautiful.
look at the incredible detail! I just love them so much!

I loved this blanket, mostly because of the colors, but also because it's really fluffy, and it just makes me want to cuddle up next to a fan. (yes, i'm crazy like that!)
these are the really cute hand towels that I liked. Can't you imagine those in your bathroom? So cute!
I want to cuddle up with this throw! it is so warm and fuzzy!
I like this frilly pillow sham.

I would definitely make my baby's crib look just like this, supposing it was a boy. I love how that pillow reminds me of peter cotton tail, which actually was a movie I remember watching over and over again as a child.

I love this bed!
and this bed!
don't mind me for loving my symmetry! but I love this set up. So elegant and beautiful.

and this bed!

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