Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Sister

This is a sculpture I made this last semester. I recently took it, along with the Lady of the lowlands sculpture, to the ceramic conference in Davis, California. This was coil-constructed and lowfired with underglazes. The figure stands about three and a half feet tall. The piece is about human trafficking, and the loss of innocence in children. I incorperated my photography into the piece, as you can see. Unfortunately, I kept telling myself I'd take a better picture of the whole thing, and I never did. So, I put the pictures I took all together, some being video stills.

I am really excited to go photograph the sculptures I made from this year in an appropriate setting. So, you can look for that in the future.

1 comment:

kiko said...

Great job, Carly! It's not easy to make anything this size with clay and those faces are just remarkable.
Your points came across. Well done.