Monday, May 23, 2011

Fade into you.

You may have noticed I changed my blog a little. I know that everyone was very attached to the name Cactapus, but I came up with that 3 years or so ago and I have to say that my blog has really evolved since then. So, I changed the name to Carly Cram Photography, because I find that a bit more appropriate. The main image on here (above) is part of a new series I am working on. I am really waiting to post them all. I want to post everything on my website, when I get it up. I know I've been saying I'm going to start a website for a long time, but I really will, I swear. Things just haven't been working out this far. But i am determined, and i really need it.

This is Jim.

I know that Jim's expression doesn't quite fit in, and he's a lot older than the others but i liked it anyway, and what I says, goes!
This is Jenny.
This is William.

This is Sarah.
This is Meredith.


Butterfly Landing said...

I'd like to see this series reversed...youngest to's warming to think we can end up with a smile as we "fade into" us in later years. And what you say, "goes." And, it was time to change to "Carly Cram Photography" for searches by new people. Good move.

kiko said...

yeah, I agree with butterfly landing. young to old line up has more cohesive-ness, I think ( sounds like I know what I'm talking? ). haha.. you rule!

Kandyce Segovia said...

you look just like sarah.