Thursday, May 5, 2011


So, this Easter, Jeff got me all kind of things! He bought me all these new different types of teas from teavana. So here they are:

he actually got me four but I only photographed three in the above pictures.
here they are. He also got me two white things to drink them out of. It was such a wonderful surprise. anyway, after that we went to Jeff's grandparents house to celebrate.
His grandma set up the table so cute and color coordinated!
and they had a bowl of twix (my favorite candy)
They even had a bowl of pastel m&m's!
This is their cat, Raleigh. Isn't he beautiful?!

they cooked kabobs. It was so delicious!
It started out rainy and gloomy ( which I actually love!) but then it got beautiful and sunny!
Here's Jeff. I love that guy.
Jeff took this picture of my playing the bag-o game. I was terrible!
This is Jeff's brother playing the game.
Here's Nicky, Jeff's families' dog.
Here's Jeff's younger brother and his uncle.

It was a really great day. I love them.

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