Monday, May 30, 2011

Carls Cram in Carlsbad

My family and I are on vacation. Well, 4 out of 5 of us are, so far. Lauren, the one seen next to me (in the picture), is working on her new house with her future husband. It's sad when your whole family isn't together, but at least I know she'll eventually be here. We are in Carlsbad at some resort thing. It sounds fancy, and in fact it sort of is. Our family has never really gone on a vacation with just us, usually we go on vacation with my entire family (cousins, aunt, uncles and such). A couple years back though, my immediate family (shown above) went on our first vacation together. We had gone on a cruise to mexico, and while being with my family is really fun, boats are really not (at least for me anyway) I was sick the entire time. I normally get sick on anything that moves; car, aeroplane, train, swing, even a bear ride (although they tend to bite anyway, so I don't advise that to anyone) Anyway, We are in Carlsbad, in a nice resorty-type hotel. It has very nice lighting, so I'm constantly stopping to take pictures (which is fun for me, but probably annoying for my family) We had a nice visit from some family friends, we had dinner, then played a game. Today we will probably do something similar to that. I imagine this was very boring for all of you, I apologize.

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