Monday, May 30, 2011

Carls Cram in Carlsbad

My family and I are on vacation. Well, 4 out of 5 of us are, so far. Lauren, the one seen next to me (in the picture), is working on her new house with her future husband. It's sad when your whole family isn't together, but at least I know she'll eventually be here. We are in Carlsbad at some resort thing. It sounds fancy, and in fact it sort of is. Our family has never really gone on a vacation with just us, usually we go on vacation with my entire family (cousins, aunt, uncles and such). A couple years back though, my immediate family (shown above) went on our first vacation together. We had gone on a cruise to mexico, and while being with my family is really fun, boats are really not (at least for me anyway) I was sick the entire time. I normally get sick on anything that moves; car, aeroplane, train, swing, even a bear ride (although they tend to bite anyway, so I don't advise that to anyone) Anyway, We are in Carlsbad, in a nice resorty-type hotel. It has very nice lighting, so I'm constantly stopping to take pictures (which is fun for me, but probably annoying for my family) We had a nice visit from some family friends, we had dinner, then played a game. Today we will probably do something similar to that. I imagine this was very boring for all of you, I apologize.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pom Pom at Home

Some time back I got a job shooting for a company called Pom Pom at home. They are such a nice family with such unique and fashionable products. I am always very happy to get any job that comes my way, but it's even more incredible for me when you love what I'm photographing. Everything they have is so beautifully made. I couldn't post all of the pictures because I took way too many, but here's a taste.

this pillow is so beautiful.
look at the incredible detail! I just love them so much!

I loved this blanket, mostly because of the colors, but also because it's really fluffy, and it just makes me want to cuddle up next to a fan. (yes, i'm crazy like that!)
these are the really cute hand towels that I liked. Can't you imagine those in your bathroom? So cute!
I want to cuddle up with this throw! it is so warm and fuzzy!
I like this frilly pillow sham.

I would definitely make my baby's crib look just like this, supposing it was a boy. I love how that pillow reminds me of peter cotton tail, which actually was a movie I remember watching over and over again as a child.

I love this bed!
and this bed!
don't mind me for loving my symmetry! but I love this set up. So elegant and beautiful.

and this bed!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Feeling of pulled apart by horses

I bought this new doll for too much money, and at a thrift store no less! She's really pretty, and i love her. I set out trying to create a scene that gave off a sort of dark and eerie feeling. My art (both photography and sculpture) is about human trafficking, but even more so about the loss of innocence. These pictures, of this doll, hopefully give you sort of a sinister feeling. Maybe it makes you feel uncomfortable looking at them, and if so, then that's good. But then again, maybe you feel nothing, and maybe that just means I didn't do a very good job. Or perhaps you're a sociopath.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fade into you.

You may have noticed I changed my blog a little. I know that everyone was very attached to the name Cactapus, but I came up with that 3 years or so ago and I have to say that my blog has really evolved since then. So, I changed the name to Carly Cram Photography, because I find that a bit more appropriate. The main image on here (above) is part of a new series I am working on. I am really waiting to post them all. I want to post everything on my website, when I get it up. I know I've been saying I'm going to start a website for a long time, but I really will, I swear. Things just haven't been working out this far. But i am determined, and i really need it.

This is Jim.

I know that Jim's expression doesn't quite fit in, and he's a lot older than the others but i liked it anyway, and what I says, goes!
This is Jenny.
This is William.

This is Sarah.
This is Meredith.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Sister

This is a sculpture I made this last semester. I recently took it, along with the Lady of the lowlands sculpture, to the ceramic conference in Davis, California. This was coil-constructed and lowfired with underglazes. The figure stands about three and a half feet tall. The piece is about human trafficking, and the loss of innocence in children. I incorperated my photography into the piece, as you can see. Unfortunately, I kept telling myself I'd take a better picture of the whole thing, and I never did. So, I put the pictures I took all together, some being video stills.

I am really excited to go photograph the sculptures I made from this year in an appropriate setting. So, you can look for that in the future.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Happiness is a Warm Gun"

I was at someone's apartment complex and I walked by and saw this boy playing by himself. I thought it was eerie. It's sad how early they learn.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Teeth

I take a lot of pictures of sad children, but I think that these pictures in some way have a similar feeling. I love children. I love photographing them. There is just something so perfect about them. These kids' smiles say so much about them, and about their happiness, and their hopefulness. They make me so happy inside.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tip Toland

In my last post I talked about driving up to Davis, California for a Ceramics Conference. I mentioned how I had such a great time, and partially it was because of Tip Toland. I think it's really something when you really look up to someone, someone who in your mind is famous, and then you get to meet them and they are everything you imagined and even more. Tip Toland was like this. It was so amazing to hear her lecture about her work. and then to see her demonstration. The best part was getting to hang out with her at the party. I mean, seriously if i met her and I didn't know she was Tip Toland, I would want to be her best friend. She is so much fun and she has the best personality! Anyway, I imagine I sound sort of like a stalker.

first off, this is an image I took of a slide she showed in her lecture. this is an example of her work. I bet you thought that was an olden sleeping, didn't you? well, don't feel bad, that's just how amazing her work is. look at the stomach. I mean, that is incredible!

So here are the pictures from the demonstration.

this is a picture of her tools, with her in the background.

this is her working on it in the beginning.
that's luis' hand holding the microphone.

Here's sort of the final outcome. she did all of that within 2 hours. would you believe that?! Oh and that's amy duran on the left. she's pretty wonderful too.
the picture directly above and below were taken at the party we were at.
I love her.

anyway, I hope you're in love with her now too because I think everyone else is. you might as well join in!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Can't Get There from Here

So, two weeks ago-ish, My Ceramics program drove up to the ceramics conference in Davis, California. It was amazing, I don't think I've ever had so much fun. Well, actually that's not true. I have had that much fun a lot of times, but I gotta say this time was pretty fun. Anyway, on our way up to Davis we drove for 7 hours or so, and I was pretty shutter happy, for plausible cause though! It was a really beautiful drive, mostly when there were clouds out. I apologize there are so many, I always have trouble narrowing it down.

I just realized that the picture above and below are the exact same picture and I edited it twice without realizing it. isn't it peculiar how I got two different results? I'm so strange.

That's All*!

*Annette Hanshaw, a singer from the 30's, used to say that at the end of every single song! Can you imagine that?! I mean, I like a lot of her songs but that can get a little obnoxious. Anyway, I'm listening to her music right now, so I just thought I'd throw that in there. Now, next time you watch jeopardy and they ask that question you'll know the answer. You don't have to thank me. I know you're grateful.

p.s thank you to all those people who said they are frequenters on this here blog. I am sending you a virtual hug. But that's it, no funny stuff!