Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tree Fingers

I have been sort of keeping my new projects off of my blog because I was saving them for my website, but the website is taking a little longer than I had planned. nevertheless, here's a glimpse at a new project I'm working on.


lechu said...

Hello, my name is Martin samudio from Argentina. I saw your photographies and I liked them very much,I am doing my thesis in graphical design in the university it brings over of the children, the school and the bullying and I want to ask for permission you to use some your photos for some pieces.This work does not have ends of alone profit educational use.He would be grateful for your answer with an e-mail to

SiD said...

Hello, My name is Sidney Cândido. I'm a Musician that likes to uploads photos when i upload my musics on soundcloud. I have this song Sad eyes, when i looked up for photos of sad eyes on google i found those pics of your website. I'll put your name and website on the song desc.. If this bothers you, let me know. My facebook page is

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm currently making a school project and I saw your photographies and I liked them, and I wonder if I could have your permission to use one of the photos for a poster I'm making. The poster would only be distributed around school area and will only be used for educational purposes. If this bothers you, let me know through my email, thank you