Friday, April 15, 2011

Mexican Pizza

This is a dish I make sometimes.

things you will need:

I always by Herdez salsa, specifically the "Ranchera" kind. It's kind of spicy and it has a nice flavor. also, it only costs a dollar.
The recipe calls for ground beef, but I use ground turkey.
flavor the ground turkey with chili powder and taco seasoning. Keep the meat moist.
chop the onions.
yellow bell peppers.
orange bell peppers.

then you put a corn tortilla on a cooking pan. Apply the Herdez Ranchera sauce like it was tomato sauce on a pizza. Add a little cheese (I use jack cheese, but you can get creative)
then add the bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions.
then add a lot more cheese to seal it off.
stick it in the oven at 350˙ and cook for 10 minutes. or until tortilla is golden.

bon appetit!

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