Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Illigitimate Kids of Ed Giardina

Last week on Thursday, our school hosted a "Senior Day" which is just as dorky as it sounds. Senior high school students come and check out our school and the college students show off how cool they are, and it makes the high school students want to go to the school, that's how it works. So, the Illigitimate Kids of Ed Giardina put together something that everyone could participate in. We created a giant mural that the high school students could vandalize, and they loved it!yes that's W.

the people listed below are the masterminds and artists:

This is Mik Calandino.
this is Pietro.
this is me.
This is Tim.
This is Jimena.
This is kyle.
This is Adam.
This is Elliot.
This is Brian.
and this is Nadia.
the kids.

This is THE Ed Giardina.

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