Monday, February 14, 2011

"I cannot get through September without a battle."

Death really hung around this year; picking people off left and right. I suppose it's bound to happen, isn't it? and with death, there's alcohol. and there was a bit of alcohol. In a positive sense, I sort of think it's soecial when someone dies, and every one sort of celebrates rather than cries. I mean, I totally understand crying at funerals, because death is really hard. I just think that remembering good things about them is really important. This is what we did. My uncles mom died. and she was sort of like a grandma to all of us. In fact Valentine's day sort of makes me think of her, which makes this blog post appropriate, I think. These are pictures of us sitting next to a fire pit, discussing life, and just sort of enjoying each other.

Here's Tyler, the soon-to-be newest addition to our family. He will be marrying the girl below.
and she is my sister. who will soon be married to the man above and will have a house and all her dreams are coming true!
This is my father who is a really really wonderful man. handsome too!

This is my Uncle John. He has such a wonderful spirit.
this is my mother. I love to photograph her!
this is my Aunt Marylyn, who is married to Uncle John. She is so pretty!
This is Lauren and My Aunt Pauline. They were sitting next to each other. and I was on the other side. far on the other side. They were getting to be silly together.

This is Aunt Pauline's Husband, Uncle Tom. He is so silly and really amazing at putting things together and making them cool. You probably don't know what I'm talking about but he finds things that people throw out and turns them into amazing furniture and cool stuff like that.

It seems like we need to put lambs blood above our door. maybe that will help.


Lara said...

Wow. Those are such beautiful pictures. I love the last one if your wonderful mom. And your quote at the end-- is that a Carly original? I am in love with it.

ela em. said...

Agree with Lara.

kiko said...

Well-said, Carly. The beautiful family photos represents the goodness of life.