Wednesday, February 9, 2011

food post

So, recently I have changed my diet. Normally when I say that to a person they ask me if I'm trying to lose weight, and seeing how I'm not even heavy enough to give blood, I am not trying to lose more weight. But I don't think there's anything wrong with knowing what you're eating and choosing to eat the healthiest choice. So, I have given up un-natural sugar and carbohydrates. Well, I'm not doing it alone, my boyfriend is doing it as well, which makes it a whole lot easier to do. So, here are a couple things that we have been eating. (this is just a couple!)
I have been adding cheese to everything! maybe that's not good, but who doesn't love cheese!?

These spices have been making me very happy. you'll find a couple of them on the zucchini pictured down below.
water. the only liquid substance I can drink.
mmmmm. fruit. pictured here is a cut up apple with dubliner cheese. so good.
here's the squash and zucchini. I could eat it for every meal.
salad. mmmmmm! so good. especially with feta and tomatoes and bell peppers and italian dressing.
and cherry tomatoes. I love them.

anyway, more to come, maybe.


Anonymous said...

have you watched Food, Inc.? ridiculousness... BTW, I just went to Henry's Farmers Market for the first time, they have one over in Fullerton off of Orangethorpe and Harbor - great prices for natural and organic foods (you still want to check out the labels though)

Lisa B said...

Great food shots, the squash and zucchini look delicious!

daniela said...

here's the thing: we're already great friends. but here's another thing: i could eat zucchini and sqaush every meal too. let's do that.

Anonymous said...

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