Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Queen Jane Approximately"

My Grandma tells me that in one of her past lives, she was of royal blood. I think she may be right. Isn't she beautiful?
this is an example of what she does when I take out my camera. not a joke.
but she has so much emotion and I just want to photograph her forever. I wish someone wanted me to photograph them. follow them around and just photograph them all day. but alas, everyone hates it.
Max S. Gerber once said that if you give a subject an animal, they somehow cooperate better.* He was absolutely correct. I mean, look how proud she looks, and she was so happy to have her picture taken, so long as her dog, precious, was in the shot.
"Stop it, Carly!" That what she was about to say.
this is her smoking area.

Well, once again I had the pleasure of photographing my grandma. She really resents me now, whenever I pull out the camera. She keeps telling me she's going to remove me from the will! and I dare her too. I tell her, "I don't need your money, I'm going to make so much off of these portraits of you anyway!" and she laughs.


kiko said...

your friend is right! what a change one little animal brought to your grandma'a face! try cat next time.
Good job!

Lisa B said...

Wonderful shots!

luis munoz-najar said...

this shots are beautiful!, she is so beautiful, and to be honest the fact that she doesn't want you to take them adds something to her expression.