Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Fake Plastic Trees"

Well Christmas is over, so giving people things is out. I love hating designated holidays. Like Karl Pilkington says, "I wouldn't put a date on that pancake day anyway, just av 'em when you want, have it when you want... I don't know why that's got a special day on it, sick-of-it"

Well, karl, you are right. Valentines day is the only day you're supposed to spoil your significant other with gifts? no way. you better be sprinkling it all year long. Valentines day is stupid, and so is every other holiday. Birthday's? don't even get me started! sick of it!

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Claudia Paola. said...

Noo but holidays are a fun thing to look forward to!! You gotta show the love all year round, of course, but then holidays are also a good time to show something extra! It is depressing when they're over, but not for long cuz there's always another one coming along.. ;P

*Claudia* x
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