Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Parting Gift"

Tom Lehrer once sang,
"It doesn't matter how sincere it
Is, nor how heartfelt the spirit,
Sentiment will not endear it,
What's important is the price."

and while it seems to be the case these days, it oughtn't be. I am happy to receive nothing for Christmas. I think you begin to realize what is important when tragedy strikes. and when tragedy strikes twice, I think you really start to get the idea. Money isn't anything. it's good while you're here, I suppose. but if I never had it again, I think I would still be okay. So, if you're ever thinking of getting me a gift. Think twice. But Christmas did come this year, and friends and loved ones were generous. These are the material things that I got. and while I stick with what I say, I do appreciate the gifts (and am secretly very happy to have got them). If I left a picture of the gift you gave me out, it's because you didn't spend enough money on it. (just a joke, lighten up!)

Jeff's grandparents and parents got me two apple gift cards, because they know I'm saving up for a new lap top.
Holly, my eldest sister, gave me these beautiful earrings. She also gave me a bathing suit, but I didn't want to put a skimpy picture of me up on here. So, alas you'll have to imagine it yourself. but don't be too imaginative!
My grandparent's cooked my family dinner, and my grandma made these snickerdoodles. I can still taste them. mmmmm. they were so delightful.
Lauren, my middle sister, bought me this and the next two items. lotion (up above)
body spray.
and my favorite perfume.
My parent's got me these dangly earrings. I love them!
The rest is from Jeff. and if you have not seen any of the movies below, you ought to, because they are all amazing in their own ways.
The Moon, on cd and dvd. but no vhs. because I don't have that. and not blue ray, because I don't have that. and I dont want it. so dont get any ideas! This stars one actor through the entire thing. It really is incredible when an actor is as talented as Sam Rockwell.

A Single Man, also on cd and dvd. This was my favorite movie of this year, or was it last year? I get time all mixed up. It is such a great movie, and the soundtrack is really something also!

The new Metropolis edition. with new footage that was found. I have an inkling that they have all the footage, they're just going to release an extra 20 minutes every decade to keep the money rolling in. But I'm very excited to see the new 20 minutes!
In Bruges. I recently saw this, and couldn't believe what a great movie this was. I hadn't even heard of it, so I was happily surprised when I watched it and it turned out to be incredible.
and last, and least* , The brothers Bloom. This movie has a bunch of great actors, and it's quirky and fun, it's like a child's movie for adults. I loved it.

Well, a happy holiday to all you multi-religious people. I hope you were as lucky as I was, getting to spend so much time with all the people you love. It sounds corny. Well, it is corny. i love corn. i put it in everything. that's not a lie.

*that part is a lie, though.

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