Friday, December 17, 2010

Cypress College Ceramics

This is Pietro, you may have seen him before if you frequent this blog. and if he doesn't look familiar to you, then you're probably not here enough. do 5 hail mary's and your sin will be forgiven. he's not in the ceramics program, but we love him anyway. Pietro is a really talented photographer.
This is Amy Duran. She is part of the Ceramics program at Cypress College. Her fine detailing in her work is really something incredible. She is so skilled technically but she also is conceptually bound as well. her work really blows me away.
this is (starting form the left) Amy Duran, Luis Munoz-Najar, and Amy Wise. This is on our way to the Statuary Place.
we had to crawl through the fences to get there.

This is Amy Wise. she is also one of the best ceramic students in our program. Her work is heartfelt and very well handcrafted. She is good at just about everything! (i don't know how to stop this from being underlined.)this is Luis, he is new to the ceramics program. He is also in the photography department as well, like Pietro and I. He has only taken a couple semesters, but he shows great promise. His work is about animals and the oil spill. it's really deep, and I think he's really on to something.

sexy creeper. (above)

When I used to play soccer, I could always tell how good the coach was not only by the players ability but also by how close the team players were. this is Molly Schulps, she is our Ceramics instructor. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Our Ceramics program, while it lacks lots of money (hint hint- donations?), it gains in student ability and that's all because of Molly. She is very interested in what are interests are and she goes out of her way to help us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Molly is really involved in each of us. She's built a program, that strives on all of us giving input and helping each other out. Any school would be lucky to have her, but I'm glad that she's exactly where she is! She takes a block of clay and makes something out of it, metaphorically and literally.


Luis Munoz-Najar said...

we are so lucky to have great people around us, what a good looking bunch!

Pervesely Perfect said...

goodness you were serious about having to get through the fences. Love the photos...