Saturday, November 13, 2010

Keep Luke

October 22, 2010 I came home from school and my dad told me my cousin was killed by a shark. When you get news like that, I think you sort of just don't know how to react, at least I didn't. and I still don't. My stomach hurts just writing about it, in fact.

Anyway, A week or so later we had the funeral. I'm not the sentimental type, in fact I always joke around about how I'm a robot because I never cry. But it seems I'm human after all. In fact I couldn't keep the tears from coming. Maybe this is too personal and I shouldn't be sharing this at all, but well, I feel like I should.

Lucas Ransom, the son of my father's Sister was killed by a shark on October 22, 2010. This is life, I guess. People have told me that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning then to be killed by a shark, and while that isn't comforting to me at all, it really makes you evaluate what's important in your life. REALLY.

So, anyway, back to the funeral. It was one of the most important things I've experienced in my life. Many days in the future I will look back on that funeral and think to myself how lucky I am to get another day, and that I must do something important for someone else and that I am important.

Here are the pictures from the paddle out on the day of the funeral.

That's All the proceeds go to a scholarship fund in Lucas' name. The scholarship is for underprivileged college students studying chemical engineering.

donate money.
this is Lucas' mom setting up the flowers on the beach.
Here you can see all the news stations filming and photographing the event. In the front is Lucas' mom and his soon to be sister-in-law, Angel.
On the right is Candace, Lucas' mom writing a note to Lucas on the green balloons.

that's what it feels like.
the boogie board they gave Travis, Lucas brother (you can see him in the image below, with Lucas.)
On both images Travis is on the outside, and Lucas on the inside.
Lucas on the sand.
people writing messages on their balloons to Lucas.

The Helicopter capturing the event.Lucas' mom tying his goggles to the balloons.There is his mom, Candace.

This is Travis, Luke's Brother.
a loose balloon.

one got away.
This is Holly, my oldest sister. Everyone put blue sunscreen on their noses for Lucas, because he always used to do that, and he looked ridiculous and amazing!
These are some of Luke's friends.

This is Luke's girlfriend.

The boy on the right used to swim with Luke, now he'll be trying to qualify for the Olympics, and Lucas' family is helping him make enough money to get there.


Luke's dad is on the far right, thumbs upping us.

good bye balloons.

and everyone one ran into the water!

everyone swam out.
the balloons made their way further and further away from us.
Lucas' mom celebrating form the Pier.

This is lucas' mom celebrating his life.

thats my dad watching everything form the pier.
everyone paddled out into a circle. click on the picture above or below to zoom in. (well any of them for that matter)

people looking at the news stations' helicopter.

this is a good description of what Lucas was like. He was full of energy. He wasn't scared be himself, even if it made him look childish.

Lucas McKaine Ransom. I will miss you.


Lisa B said...

So sorry for your loss, what a total shock and tragic loss.
Your photos are amazing.

Lara said...

These are absolutely phenomenal pictures. I'm so glad they focused on celebration rather than mourning. LOVE.

kiko said...

sorry for your loss, carly. this is an amazing document of the day. your comment was well said and photos are gorgeous. thanks for sharing.

kiko said...

sorry for your loss, carly. this is an amazing document of the day. your comment was well said and photos are gorgeous. thanks for sharing.

itscraigdude said...

Carly, I love these. You have an amazing family.

daniela said...

i forgot to tell you, i love you. also, these pictures .. simply amazing. great gift to lucas and his family

Butterfly Landing said...

Thank you for letting me share in your day and Luke's life celebration. News reached the East Coast, too. Using your art to honor him was a courageous thing to do, when your heart and eyes were so full of tears. Love, Ms Carlson

Anonymous said...

Lucas was my best friend..He means so much to me..and what u posted here was so touching and sweet. Lucas will always be with me whether im at the ocean or goofing around and my hairs in a poof ball :). Love ya Lukey..

Anonymous said...

This day was amazing. Marcus, One of Lukes best friends is the kid going to the Olympics. Lucas is going to be swimming with him all the way to victory... Love ya Luke,

Swim through the waves buddy<3

The Holland/Schlesinger family..

Anonymous said...

Marcus is my brother.. I forgot to put it..

Alahna said...

Luke lived on South Tower Floor 2 with me in SB. I spent a lot of time with him and his friends for the 2 quarters I spent there. When I heard last year I was in such shock. Lukie truly was full of life, energy and passion. I spent a lot of nights just hanging out and talking to him. He really impacted my stay there. He is a beautiful human and I am so glad they celebrated his life. I'm so sorry for your loss - and I send all my love to you and your family. Here's to Luke - (bsa).

Carly Cram said...

thank you. that means a lot.