Friday, October 8, 2010

"So glad to meet you, Angeles"

Luis and pietro have a new goal to shoot 5 strangers a week. (shoot meaning photograph, people always look at me funny when I say that) I decided to go with them. We drove to different parts of Los Angeles ending up at Union Station.
Here we are at the end of the day on our way to Union Station. Luis wanted me to grab the wheel (he was driving) while he took a picture of the buildings. I told him no because I didn't want to run the car off the bridge.

This girl has a secret, and she isn't going to tell it to anyone.
I met this boy and ask him if I could take his picture. We had such a weird connection. but that's a story for another day!This man actually approached me, which was wonderful. He was asking me questions about my camera. I was happy to answer them. I ask him if I could photograph him, and he immediately made this face. I love his expression.
This was one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen. Really.
We went to a skate park, and there were about 30 boys taking turns skating. I went up to one boy and ask him if I could take his picture. He was so high. and he barely responded. While I was photographing him, a group of teenage skaters were hooting and howling at him in Spanish. I was embarrassed for having embarrassed him. I decided to walk up to the group and try to embarrass them. They quieted up really fast. Luis, Pietro and I began talking to them. They spoke Spanish and some English. Apparently a lot of them were saying some very interesting things in Spanish, thank goodness I don't understand Spanish, or I'd have been very embarrassed. The image above was one of the guys in the group.
This guy was also in the group, but he was very quiet.

Here is another skater kid. He's probably 12 or so. He was kind of macho-man-ish. but I think I captured the child in him. He's not as old as he thinks he is. They never are.


Peter said...

Really cool stuff carlizard!

Butterfly Landing said...

Beautiful people once again, Carly. I like the accompanying stories, as well. My favorite? Your very last comment.

Luis Munoz-Najar said...

it was a lot of fun, Love the Older lady. and please tell us about your conection with that boy... do tell