Thursday, July 22, 2010


I don't usually write reviews for movies, and i don't really want to think of this as one. Instead, I am simply stating how I felt about it because I took this picture and it reminds me of the movie. Let me also state that I am not a writer. So don't judge me.

The movie Inception was entertaining, anyone who says different is a robot, and you should probably avoid them altogether because they haven't any feelings anyway. This was an action packed movie. For me, that is the part that kind of kills it, notice I said "kind of".

Aside from it being entertaining, I feel like the only good acting was done by Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard. I thought Cotillard's acting was chilling and very eerie. DiCaprio would surprise me more if he was bad in a movie. As for Ellen Page, my double, I don't really feel like she had to do a lot of acting in this movie. I suppose it isn't her fault, her character just never had to show a range of emotion, and that goes for almost all of the other characters. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, handsome, that was his part in the movie.

As for casting, Jeff Albers, made a rather good point that I can't help but agree with. Ellen Page was not right for the movie. Here we have a bunch of actors that seemed to fit the role and the age, and then in comes young trendy girl in college. It just didn't seem to fit.

The cinematography was really beautiful. There was one part that stuck out to me the most. When they were in the second stage, in the hotel room, and DiCaprio's character looks up at the curtains and their blowing, and he thinks of his wife, and the camera movement in the moment just blew me away. Other than that, I love it when they slowed down the frames, it's beautiful, but kind of, in my mind, like people winning photo contests because they take a picture of a cute baby or puppy. If you know what i mean....?

The CGI in this movie was really fantastic, one of the best displays i have ever seen!

I don't want to give anything away so I wont really talk about the ending.

Christopher Nolan really does know how to put on a good show!

It was worth the money we paid and I was highly entertained. Were there things I would like to change about it? Golly Gee Whiz, yes! amen.


Rockyourteeth said...

Hey! I totally agree with this! I just saw the movie too, and I felt like something was missing. I like to see people make original movies that take chances with outlandish story-lines, so when a movie does so, I hate to say anything bad about it, but you're right, it just felt like it was lacking much personality. The story was amazing, but it was like they had such a complicated story to tell, they couldn't spend any precious time developing characters or relationships... that is, other than with the main character and his late wife.

I would love to see some kind of "director's cut" of this movie, in which I would be perfectly happy sitting for 4 or 5 hours watching while more of the same awesomeness was developed a little more deeply.

Carly Cram said...

I couldn't agree more!

Katrina Poysti said...

I disagree about ellen page - normally i don't like her (nothing against you of course, as her double), but i thought that since she didn't really fit it was even better. i would've been disappointed if they choose someone like angelina jolie or another action-film-based woman for her role.


Hermaccio said...

you are the best movie reviewer!!I agree!! the movie was indeed super entertaining, and I want to watch it again.