Monday, June 14, 2010


I did this backwards, because im silly. So, I suggest starting from the bottom of this post, if you would.

Spoiler alert.

This piece is about Human trafficking. Children all over the world, even in the US are being sold into prostitution. I read horror stories about children at 6 being sold and raped over and over again by their "master". Trying to break down the child by leaving them in a dog kennel for an entire month making them eat dog food and only coming out to have sex with men.

I want to help, and the best way for me to do so is to make people aware that this is a serious problem. If you would like to help, all you have to do is be informed on what is happening and spread the knowledge, go here.

above is the final product. I took this piece to Davis. I incorporated photography. and that me with it.
this is the glazing process. notice how it looks different from the final product.

this is the piece when it is leather hard. After it is finished, I will put it in the kiln to be bisque fired. after which it will be glazed.
Then I added the hair.
Once I built up where the head will be, I begin to form the facial structure and all it's components.
after building up the form of the body, I added on the dress and the socks. After that, I started building out the shoulders and arms. As you can see where the hands will be, it's completely hollow throughout the entire piece.

using soldate 60 clay, I built up using coils. once you have established the shape, you form the fine details. I started with robot looking feet, then carved into them so they looked more like mary jane shoes. carving a lot off at the ankles.

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Jeff said...

I really, really enjoyed this making-of featurette.