Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Only Little Boy in New York

Andy came over yesterday. He wanted to go to lunch again. I told him no. but you have to give him points for being persistent! I told him I'd go to lunch with him if I got to take as many pictures of him as I wanted. He agreed. So off we went...

Here we are in line at Soup Plantation. I ask hi if he wanted salad. He always says no, and I always make him a plateful.
Here he is with his new glasses. He talks about them a lot. How they cost him "an arm and a leg".

He's so cute and old in this picture.
well I suppose he is in every picture.

After we got home from Soupy, I ask him if I could take a couple portraits of him. I've always wanted to take his portrait over by the boat he assembled. He let me.

the picture above is my favorite.

Afterwards I went home.

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Jeff said...

These are incredible. The portrait with the boat, the hand on the glass, and the one that's your favorite.