Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon

Charles Hilliard Cram is my Father's Father. He is and always has been a most wonderful Grandpa. Charles fought in Iwo Jima in the Second World War. He was a medic, meaning everyone aimed for him because if you don't have a medic, who can save your soldiers? He received a purple heart, not literally, for trying to save someone and in doing so was shot in the leg. The things he's seen and experienced are horrific, I'm sure. I am very grateful to the men like him in the world. It definitely was a different generation and a different time. He is a man of Honor, Bravery, and Patriotism. Charles Hilliard Cram is my hero.
I love these pictures of him. There's something so playful about him.
Father's day was a week or two ago, and these are the pictures of my grandpa on that day.

I'll tell you, he loved the salsa (it was home made by Susie Ramirez). look at the way he's eating it. If this was an advertisement, I would have bought the product, I don't know about you!
This is my Grandpa, my Aunt, and my Father. Aren't they all handsome?!
He's just so darling!

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Luiggio said...

You can see such a gregarious personality from him, great photographs!