Thursday, May 20, 2010

Of Karlye by Carly

This top image is the one I turned in for the assignment, everything else is just pudding on the steak.

In my Studio Lighting class at Cypress College, I did a photo-shoot in one of the classrooms. I ask Karlye Burge, a student in my Ceramics class, if she would model for me. She was great, obviously! Anyway, these are the images that I came up with. This assignment was to do a photospread, which is the very top picture, of the topic of your choice. I chose to do fashion; chrome-fashion. Tonight is the critique, so I don't know how it went over yet. Hopefully you like them.

Carly Cram

p.s thank you to Luis and Pietro for helping.


Lisa B said...

Great work!

Lara said...

LOVE the one crushing the martini shaker. HOT

Luis Munoz-Najar said...

I love the one with the watch, only you would think of covering the whole place with foil paper... so creative!