Friday, May 28, 2010

Daniela Morgan

This is Daniela Morgan. She knows something that the rest of us don't. do you see it?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Out of the Box.

Here is another of my assignments in my Studio Lighting Class, at Cypress College. This actually was a group project. My group was made up of Luis, Pietro, Joe, and Breana. Joe and Breana were real troopers, they were the models. The assignment was to create a shoe advertisement that was memorable. We came up with two ideas and put them together and this is what we got. Our team had really good chemistry, we all work really well together. This was very enjoyable, for everyone, I think. In the top left corner, and the lower right hand corner we had text.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chrs, Krista, Kristy's Birthday and Baby Shower (sort of)

Eamonn, son to Patrick and Julie, brother to Angela.
Bekka Patton, Daughter to Chris and Beth, Wife of Jason, Sister to Parker and Spencer.
The House the Party was at.
My Family.
Parker McLachlin.
Kristy McLachlin.

Cynthia BarbozaSpencer McLachlin.

Julie Pascal.

Julie Pascal, Beth McLaughlin, Cathy Cram. Sisters.
Bird and Holly
Holly Cram and me!
Holly Cram
Marylyn Rees and Patrick Pascal.


Handsome Man!

They Learn young.

Kristy McLachlin, Wife to Parker, soon to be mother.
Cactus. ouch.

Tom Faye. Fire Fighter. funny man. Husband to Pauline Faye.
Cathy Cram, my beautiful Mother, and Bird, our Beautiful friend.
Hosts of the Party. Patrick and Julie Pascal. Owners of a beautiful Modern House. Father and Mother of Eamonn and Angela Pascal.


Hide and Seek

Tom and Kayla
Kayla Keeper of the Keys

Pauline Faye. peeping tom.


Pauline Faye, earth lover. recycling tissue and wrapping paper.
MVP. Chris McLachlin, Husband to Beth, Father to Park, Kristy, Bekka, Jason, Spencer. Basketball coach to President Obama.

I love this picture of Walter and Kiko. They look like they hate each other, but they secretly are in love.
This is Spencer and his girlfriend Cynthia Barboza. Cynthia is on the Womens National Volleyball team.

This is my Father above, Michael Cram. He is an engineer on Trains. Husband to Cathy, Father of Holly, Lauren, and me.
Thomath Faye.
Julie Pascal. Designer.

Cathy Cram, mother of me. Julie Pascal, sister.
Tim. Husband to Bird. Distinguished gent!

This is Holly Cram, my oldest sister. She is a time traveler and flight attendant.

This is Parker McLachlin, he is Professional Golfer. He is Husband to Kristy McLachlin, and soon to be father to the baby in Christie's belly.

Beth and Holly

This is Christie Ellis, Mother to Charlie. She is part of our family, and I love her.
This is Kristy McLachlin opening gifts with Kayla, Keeper of the keys.
This is Beth McLachlin; wife of Chris, Mother of Parker, Kristy, Bekka, Jason, and Spencer

Hayden determined.

Pauline Faye, Wife to Tom Faye. (Great) Aunt to all these cute kids!
This is Tyler McShane, boyfriend to Lauren Cram, my middle sister. He is holding Kayla, Keeper of the Keys.

This is Patrick Pascal, the most intelligent man in the world. (or at least as far as I can tell)

Kiko is so wonderful!
This is Kiko Wanger, she is the wife of Walter, the boy in which the entire state of Idaho Misunderstands, Kiko is wearing a shirt that her son, who is a famous wedding photographer, made. (see Max Wanger's photography here)

Kiko and Walter are Mother and Father to Max, Margaux, and Shoko.
The entire state of California loves him.
The entire state of Idaho misunderstands him.
In the picture above is NCAA Volleyball champion, Spencer McLachlin. He is my cousin and he is so tall that his legs touch the floor. also in the picture is Tom, you'll see im pestering Walter later on. Cody is in the very back, he is the Father to Cole and husband to Krista.
Christie Ellis. Mother of Charlie.
This is Charlie Ellis, He is son to Christie. He's away at college now.

John Rees; Husband to Marylyn, Father of Jaime, Shane, Krista, and Cody, grandfather of all the cute children you see here. Retired Fire Fighter.


Kayla Keeper of the keys. Just as adorable as ever!

You may recall Hayden, she is sister to Kayla, Keep of the Keys. Hayden was extra cute at this get together, and she was giving me a sort of attitude, I love it! She is adorable.

This picture above could be one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. Walter looks like he hates Tom, I think it's so funny! there's so many emotions going on in this picture!

you may have seen this cute baby before. This is my cousins' child (Krista and Cody) Cole, he is just darling, isn't he?

Carly Cram