Saturday, November 22, 2008

gone to getty

These are the pictures from my trip to the getty.

Just for those confused, I scale movies on a 0-5 average. O being worst (which I will almost never give) and 5 being the best (which I also rarely give)


Lara said...

Good to know about your scaling system.

These pictures are amazing! I love the Getty and you captured it well.

Rokk said...

these pictures are really amazing...i like photogrphy..i do a little of that...u can check them on my blog...but i know that iam no match for u.

Jeff said...

Selections from the Carly Cram Collection, entitled C Cubed, Currently on Display at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles:

1. The Thinker (Looking Down), 2008

Here Ms. Cram captures the processes of consciousness that had evaded the visual medium well after literary modernists like Joyce, Woolf, and Faulkner had so successfully mapped it in their chosen medium. "I wanted to represent thinking, looking, observing, taking in the world," Ms. Cram revealed in an interview with Charlie Rose, who happens to moonlight as the museum's curator, curiously enough. "And although I feel as though I captured that feeling precisely in this piece, I still felt something was missing; the map was incomplete. Because very often, when people are thinking, rather than looking down, they are looking up. And I hope to capture that facet of consciousness one day, even if it takes me the rest of my life." As luck would have it, it would be mere minutes before she accomplished the artistic feat she had just moments earlier devoted the rest of her life to completing.

2. The Thinker (Looking Up), 2008

Widely speculated upon as a sequel to the enormously successful "The Thinker (Looking Down)," Ms. Cram's better-known of "The Thinker" pieces is actually best considered in tandem with "Down," as a shift in the thinking process. The photograph's subject, known only as Jeff--like Cher--had this to say: "You know how they say when people are thinking, that if they look to the's something like...if they're looking to can tell they're lying by if they're looking to the left...or is it the right? But that you can tell whether someone's lying or telling the truth by which way they're looking...that's what these pieces say, I think. That it's two parts to the same thought process. One down, the other up. So one's like he's, like, I'm lying, the other's like I'm not. Except it's usually not up and down, it's right and left. And I can't remember right now which is which. God, that's gonna drive me crazy all night. If only I had an iPhone I could check Wikipedia right now. But I have Verizon...I can't get an iPhone. See what I mean? Quick, let's find somebody with an iPhone. Ask that guy right there. Excuse me, sir!"

3. Come Back, Dr. Caligari, 2008

Ms. Cram's profound love of the film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and its sequels The Dresser Drawer of Dr. Caligari and The Safety Deposit Box of Dr. Caligari comes through in the peculiar interaction between subject and setting in this piece. Ms. Cram's skillful manipulation of gravity and other physical laws shines through to create a unique interpretation that "bends" the rules of what photography can and should do. (NOTE: pun intended. We here at the Getty are quite proud of that one, and have put it in quotes so as to ensure you don't miss it. That's also why we've written this note. Donations welcome.)

6. Our New Desktop Background, 2008

So named because this one's our new desktop background. With the help of her handy new daguerreotype maker, Ms. Cram produced her very own daguerreotype , being so in awe of the form. Notice the harsh lighting that could lead some onlookers to a rather humorous conclusion rooted in confusion.

17. Like Something Out of The Shining, 2008

We here at the Getty just think this looks like something out of The Shining. Seriously.

Randa said...

Your photography is really beautiful. I always wished I could make pictures as beautiful as that but sadly, I cannot.

But that's okay because there are artist out there like you that do it for me!


Once again, very beautiful.

iohcmit said...

ey real thnx for ur comment!
we live in the same city
i thought i saw the tall statue in the Norton Simon these pix are SICK